Frequently Asked Questions

Quite simply, conventional medicine merely examines individual symptoms and presumes that they’re related to various body parts. Functional medicine permits you and the provider to examine the symptoms to establish the affected systems in your body. Feel free to poke around the website – we have lots more to say on the topic!!

The short answer is no and here are the reasons:

1.Functional Medicine is Very Time-intensive: When we work with you we spend significantly more time than conventional practitioners. Because we take a very comprehensive approach to understanding the root cause of illness, develop detailed and personalized client roadmaps and have in-depth consultations, it does not fit into the constraints of insurance models that only understand short appointments.

2.Functional Medicine has an Emphasis on Prevention + Lifestyle: We work on preventing chronic illness (or preventing the return of a chronic illness) by addressing the underlying imbalances through lifestyle interventions. The insurance model prioritizes acute care and treatments.

3.Limited Functional Medicine Testing + Treatments: Functional medicine uses specialized laboratory testing, nutritional supplements and alternative therapies that are typically not covered by insurance. Insurance plans have strict criteria for what they consider medically necessary and do not recognize most functional medicine tests or treatments as standard procedure. It makes it very challenging to provide comprehensive functional medicine care while adhering to insurance regulations.

4.Autonomy + Personalized Care: Functional Medicine places a strong emphasis on client autonomy and personalized care. By not relying on insurance, practitioners have more freedom to tailor treatments and recommendations according to each individual’s needs and preferences. This independence allows for more client-centered approach and greater flexibility in exploring integrative and alternative treatment options.

If you would like to submit to insurance, we can provide you with a superbill however, we cannot guarantee reimbursement.

Yes – we accept both HAS + FSA cards. It is important to note that we always recommend that our clients reach out to these entities directly, as guidelines vary.

Testing is not included. We determine what (if any) testing is needed. We do not order a bunch of tests upfront “to get a complete picture”. We begin with a comprehensive case review where we dive deep into your story (all the way back to your birth!) and share an in-depth discussion with you. Once we have developed your personalized road map, we discuss what testing is needed to fill in the gaps. Many times, we begin the foundational work needed to return you to optimal health before we do any testing.

If we decide testing is needed, we have a wonderful relationship with a lab company that allows us to pass along discounts to you on the testing. In most cases, the testing that we typically run ranges from $98 to $400.

Supplements are not included. Our philosophy around supplements is that they are a bridge, not a lifestyle. Sometimes, when working on a deeper issue, we need to give our body the tools it needs to complete the work. This is where a supplement comes in. We do not believe any supplement should be taken for life.

We do offer a 15% discount on some supplements through our partners. We try to curate the best of the best while being appropriate for your unique situation, so at times, a discount is not available. We do not rely on one line of supplements as everyone’s needs are different.

We do not have contracts – you are free to cancel your Active membership at any time with a 30-day notice. We do know that it can take some time to reverse disease processes, especially if you have been dealing with a certain set of symptoms for a long time. Did you know that it takes an average of 90 days just to turn over a new cell in your body? This is why we ask for a 6-month commitment. We want to see you succeed in your goals and have lasting results!

Absolutely! It is nice to have support when deciding to make a change. To achieve optimal health, it is important to have support from your immediate circle. We love meeting your support system and welcome the opportunity to explain our approach to helping you regain your health.

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