It's Time for Your Superior Health Experience

With us, you are more than just a list of symptoms. You are a real person.

We get you...

We’re a mom & daughter duo who believe our current medical system and the health and wellness industry is flawed and failing women. 

Our purpose is to help women navigate the flood waters of health and wellness information and provide easy-to-apply, physiologically appropriate, evidence-based + functional solutions, so they no longer have to waste their precious time, money, or energy on remedies that lack effectiveness or sustainability in the context of their lives. 

It is hard to cut through all the BS from these easy-to-access health resources like WebMD, TicTok, YouTube and Instagram. We want to not only provide you with individual, physiologically appropriate solutions, but also to take the stress off your shoulders. We aim to build a relationship that you can depend on, a trusted guide to support you, push you, teach you with an understanding of what your body actually needs to get better.

Instead of trying to fit you into a specific program or protocol, we partner with you to intimately understand your needs through functional medicine, relevant testing, and coaching support to ensure the results you need actually happen. 

At SHE Health, you can always trust that we deeply care about every facet of your well-being just as much as you do.  

Top Conditions We Treat

If you’ve been wondering lately if this is the way it has to be, or how you’re supposed to be feeling at this stage of your life, we’re here to set the record straight and let you know that although these things may be common, it’s not normal, and it doesn’t have to be this way for you… 

Your health is not an afterthought, but a priority. 


Every month we host FREE virtual and local events (Charleston, SC). 
Want to get to know us and learn more about how to apply functional medicine solutions to your life – join us!

This is a great opportunity to get to know what a relationship with us would feel like and our unique approach to medicine. 



Do you want a medical provider to help you sort through all of the conflicting health and wellness information and provide fact-based conversations?
Then this membership is for you!

We will be opening the membership enrollment in March 2023!

Discovery Call

If you aren’t sure what you need this is a great option for you!

In this free 15 min consultation chat we will discuss your symptoms and current concerns and give a recommendation on how we can best support you through out differnet offerings. 

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