1:1 Functional Medicine Support

We believe that women deserve more when it comes to their health.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision.  In the conventional model of medicine, women have been ignored, mistreated, or denied of actual solutions for their long-term symptoms for too long.  Through our data-driven 1:1 support, we provide women with custom-tailored protocols, routines, and education that allows them to finally receive the answers they’ve been seeking and feel the way they’ve been desiring to feel in their bodies for years.

This package is designed for the woman who have tried it all when it comes to her health, but has never been given the answers or the tools to restore her energy, confidence, or overall well-being.  We believe that you have the power to feel GOOD in your body and in your life again with the right support.

This package is for you if you find yourself:

Dismissed by Doctors, DIYing Health: You’re tired of doctors dismissing your concerns or offering incomplete solutions. You’ve taken the DIY approach to your health, navigating a maze of internet advice, self-help books, and fad diets. You’ve been left with more questions than answers, and it’s time for a more comprehensive, data-driven solution.

Data-Driven and Support-Seeking: You crave data-driven insights into your health but feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there. You recognize that having the data is just the beginning; you need guidance and support to turn that data into actionable lifestyle changes that work for you.

Drained Energy, Seeking Relief: Your energy levels are running on empty, and you’re exhausted from trying to figure things out on your own. You know there’s a better way to feel vibrant and alive, and you’re ready for that change.

One Investment for Tailored Solutions: You’re done with fragmented approaches that drain your wallet and yield limited results. You’re looking for that one comprehensive investment that will provide custom-tailored solutions to address the root causes of your symptoms. You’re ready to finally feel better in your own body.

No woman deserves to feel uncomfortable in her body or limited in her life because of her health.  Our data-driven 1:1 coaching has supported women in re-establishing healthy menstrual cycles + conceiving for the first time after years of trying, in feeling relaxed at home with their little ones after months of irritability + mood swings, and in having less fear around food knowing that what they eat won’t cause painful bloating.  This (and more!) is possible for you too!


Program Overview

We open enrollment for new clients three times a year. We are currently open for our December 4th start date! 

Experience a comprehensive first few weeks of streamlined testing, from ordering tests to completing and submitting them, as well as efficiently filling out essential intake forms such as health history and symptoms questionnaires. Receive a personalized 90-minute case evaluation session. During this time, you will receive a preliminary  customized health + wellness protocol to start to implement while we wait on lab testing results. 

Lab interpretation session. Once we receive your labs we will have a 60min interpretation session to walk you through all of our key findings in details. This will help you better understand all of the data that will drive your personalized plan. We will update your customized health + wellness protocol as well as set a plan of action to ensure that we are meeting your individual health objectives whether that be weight management, energy enhancement, or addressing irregular cycles.

We will start our initial session, where we focus on mineral balance, supplement integration, and the creation of a highly personalized nutrition plan based off of your gut test results. Depending on your objectives and health history, this comprehensive plan may also encompass personalized macro goals or meal plans to further enhance your success.

Our main focus this week is to help you create repeatable routines that fit with your family life in order to limit anxiety and overwhelm. We will co-create your personalized routines, meal times, wake up times, bedtime routines etc. so that they work for your individual lifestyle.

In our third session, we center our attention on bolstering liver support and optimizing the detoxification process.  We will address any heavy metal toxicity that may have shown up in your testing as well as create a liver detox protocol if necessary.  We will talk through herbs, teas, and tinctures you can integrate into your life to support your liver as well as educate you on what home products to remove/change to better support your health.

In our fourth session, we delve into curating gut health protocols.  We will discuss the basics of gut health, review any food sensitivities you may have, rewrite unhealthy food thoughts + behaviors you may have accumulated throughout childhood, and recommend personalized supplements for gut healing.

In our fifth session, we delve into the intricate interplay of hormones and how they react to imbalances elsewhere in the body.  We will review your hormone panels, discuss cycle tracking, and provide resources on how to track thyroid and metabolic health.

We will conclude our  journey together with a wrap-up session, where we craft a personalized maintenance plan to ensure your continued well-being.  This last week, we will compare how your symptoms are now versus when we started working together as well as discuss the next steps you will need to take to achieve any future health + wellness goals you may have.

Important Note: 

While this is a general outline of the topics we cover in our sessions, our work together is highly individualized! That means that the above order, or what we choose to address in our sessions together are subject to change! This ensures we have the flexibility to co-create a plan that works for the woman in front of us. We are not interested in putting you in a box. 

What's Included

In-Depth Handouts: Dive into specific resources tailored to your unique health journey.

Engaging Videos and Recorded Trainings: Access a treasure trove of knowledge to empower your wellness transformation.

Bi-weekly 60-Minute Coaching Sessions: Receive consistent support + accountability throughout your entire journey with us in these bi-weekly 60-minute coaching sessions. You will also receive session recordings for future reference.

Supplement Support and Protocols: Expertly timed instructions on what supplements to integrate into your routine to support your individual biology as well as guidance on when to start and finish your supplement protocols.

Detailed Nutrition Plans: Discover the magic of personalized macro numbers, vitamin and mineral balance, meal plans, scrumptious recipes, and handy shopping lists.

Functional Lab Testing: Demystify your symptoms with comprehensive HTMA and Gut/Stool tests. All of our testing is tailored to your unique needs, including hormone panels or food sensitivity tests.

90-Minute Case Evaluation Session: A deep dive into your health story, with a session recording for you to revisit.

Lab Interpretations: Gain clarity with recordings of expert insights into your lab results.

Individualized Treatment Protocol: Your 12-week roadmap to health, yours to keep and refer to even beyond the program (Lifetime Access!).

Session Notes: A roadmap summarizing our discussions, your focus points until our next meeting, and bonus support resources (videos, handouts, meal plans, and more).

Private Portal Text Messaging: Stay connected for extra support, handholding, and accountability between sessions.

30 Additional Days of Private Portal Text Messaging: Continue your journey with guidance and support even after completing our time together.

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She Health

This might not be the right program for you if you:

Are Seeking Quick Fixes or Medication: If you’re in search of a fast remedy, hormone replacement, or medication for symptom suppression, this program might not meet your expectations. We focus on holistic, long-term solutions and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Have a Limited Commitment Capacity: Committing to a 16-week journey requires time, dedication, and effort. If you know you can’t fully invest in this period of transformation, it might be best to explore options with a shorter commitment period.

Are Resistant to Holistic Approaches: If you’re hesitant to embrace a specific plan and are casting a wide net across multiple holistic treatments or supplements without consistent commitment, it might be challenging to see the progress you desire. This program is built on a structured plan of action and trust in the process.

Are Not Open to Dietary Changes: If you’re inflexible when it comes to making adjustments to your dietary habits and are firmly set in your ways of eating, the nutrition component of this program may not align with your preferences.

We aren’t your average Functional Medincine Practice

We do things a little differently than other practitioners you may have seen in the past:

Relationships. We like to get personal and deep with all of our clients. AKA we like to actually spend the time to get to know you as a whole person!  We develop true partnerships with our clients where we listen to their needs, and don’t fit them into a box. We help the women we support come back to themselves and their own intuition so that they don’t feel the need to rely on practitioners or outside information as much as they have in the past.

Private portal messaging. Gone are the days of only having access to a medical professional for 15 minutes.  Our 1:1 coaching includes private portal messaging so that you can have the hand holding, encouragement, and consistent guidance that you deserve.  Whether you have a question that popped up in-between sessions or you need some support in developing your grocery list for the week, we are here to support you as you need it!

Dedicated Support. At SHE, you are never treated as just a number.  Once you enter our practice, you become our greatest priority!  Unlike other coaching practices, we only see a limited number of clients each time we open enrollment so that we can really pour into each and every client that we serve.  In other words, all of our focus + attention is on getting you the results that you want!

The Knowledge and Background. With over 15 cumulative years of experience, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of mineral balance and nutrition.  All of the protocols + resources that we provide to our clients are backed by research and custom curated to help you operate optimally on a cellular level (which could actually mean eating carbs and dairy!!)


She Health

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She Health

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